24x7 Network Monitoring

91993058smjpgSystem downtime = lost money. Be aware of downtime before your business is affected.

By proactively monitoring your business applications, technology services and internal infrastructure Strategic Networks Bradenton Sarasota can ensure maximum system uptime and employee productivity. Our systems will identify utilization, storage capacity and system availability 24 hours a day.

Server and Business Applications

Applications used by large numbers of employees and applications that are critical for day to day operation. Ensure all business critical applications are available and functioning properly: MS Exchange, SQL Databases, Third Party Services.  Leverage Strategic Networks Bradenton Sarasota technologies to improve system up time and productivity

Technology Services

Internet, intranet, E-mail, VPN, Voice and Data Services

Internal Infrastructure

Servers, LANs and WANs

Asset Management

Hardware and software inventory management and reporting

Security Monitoring

Firewall status, Antivirus Definitions, Microsoft Patch Management

Backup Monitoring

Ensure data backups are successful or why backup at all

Network Monitoring

Ensure availability of internet service and essential network devices for your employees and improve productivity